Traveling after a year of lockdown

As I began packing for my trip to Peru this week, to celebrate my 37th birthday on top of Machu Picchu, I realized I am out of practice. Previous to the pandemic, I had been jet-setting around the globe several times a year. I had my routine down- from the perfect headset and travel pillow, to bringing trash bags with fabric softener sheets for dirty shoes and laundry.

Today, as I dusted off my old faithful Samsonite luggage and a flood of memories came with it. From Spain to Puerto Rico to Vietnam and everything in between. I could almost hear steel drums of the Caribbean and taste the fresh fruit of Fiji.

While I am aware that traveling now will look and feel very different from pre-pandemic times, I cannot tell you how extremely thankful I am to be packing my bags again.

Here’s to my goal of visiting 100 countries in under 50 years!

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