Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know

I have been traveling the world for years. I have seen every state in the United States and have enjoyed visiting over 35 countries in the past couple of decades. During these amazing adventures, I have learned a thing or two, and I am happy to share them with you.

#1 Fly From the Big Airports.

Maybe everyone know this one but just in case… flying from your local airport internationally will likely cost you twice as much as driving a couple of hours to the big international airports.

#2 Buy Flights on Tuesdays

Sometimes I wonder how true it is, but buying plane tickets on Tuesdays is suppose to be the cheapest.

#3 Stop Paying for Airport Parking

Did you know that overnight parking at DFW in Dallas is $24/day? That just doesn’t make sense. Even the nearby Park’nFly is still $12/day. My hack: book a nearby hotel the night before that allows free parking during your trip with shuttle service. Even better- book the hotel using your credit card points!

#4 Look for Travel Packages

From the mouth of my local travel agent, “I can never beat Groupon prices!” While Groupon travel has taken a hiatus during Covid, it is likely to come back. Some of the best international trips I have taken have been from Groupon-like sources. I went on a 10 day trip all over China that included flights, a tour guilds, hotels, and some meals all for $600/person! Ireland? One week with flights, rental car and 5 Star castle stays- $700/person. I’m telling you, it’s cheaper than going to Florida!

Pro Tip: Google the tour company before purchasing to make sure they have good reviews.

#5 Travel Lounges to the Front!

I have learned a TON from The Points Guy (check out his blog). I have learned how to use my daily spending to get free flights, free hotels, and my personal favorite- Travel Lounges. From Centurion Lounges to Priority Pass, if you use the cards correctly and travel a lot (like I do), don’t underestimate how amazing it is to be able to go to the lounges. I found that in Asian countries especially, you will find the nicest lounges where you can rest, recharge, eat and drink “for free.”

#6 TSA Precheck and Global Entry is a Must!

Gone are the days of landing in Charlotte to wait 2 hours for customs clearance, only to miss your connecting flight. Global Entry literally lets you skip the entire line! Running late to the airport? No worries! TSA precheck gets you right through to your gate!

Pro Hack: while previous to Covid, you could likely drive an hour or two to your local international airport for your required TSA interview for your Global Entry, because of Covid, you now have to travel to the Mexican or Canadian boarder for this. Fortunately, there is a loophole. When coming back into the United States from International travel, you can do your “interview” when you go through customs! Just save enough time to not miss your next flight.

I hope you have enjoyed my travel hacks. Do you have a travel hack I didn’t mention? Please leave a comment below.

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