The Comforts of Home

We woke up today in our Ibis Larco Miraflores hotel in Lima.

It’s a beautiful, seaside town. It has the business of a major city, yet the sleep, slow paced, doesn’t-open-till-10am vibe I’ve gotten use to in many countries.

People are kind. It feels safe.

I love trying new things, but sometimes, I love having a little piece of home to make me more comfortable.

I tried a local coffee today, and it was delicious. But now, I am in a Starbucks. Many well-traveled people cringe at people like me that travel across the globe or the equator and still go to places like this. For me, however, it’s comfort. It’s a way of being adventurous with a seatbelt on.

So, call it what you may, but whether I’m in Peru, Vietnam or Scotland, you will likely see me in a Starbucks, a McDonalds or even a KFC. Why? Because there’s no place like home.

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