To Cuzco We Go

Last night, we took a street tour of Lima. There was a lot of fun food and a park dedicated to stray cats. We also tried some really fun ice cream!

We woke up at 230am to catch a flight to Cuzco. The internet reviews for VivaAir are terrifying! Luckily, since we are here with a tour group, they spared us the stuff people complain about (paying to have your boarding pass printed, not knowing to get there in time for long lines, etc).

We arrived in Cuzco and took a 2 hour drive to Amak Sacred Valley. It is a HUGE contrast to the 10 million people in Lima. As a matter of fact, there is literally nothing to do. We are in the middle of no where and are pretty much the only guests at this hotel. Thank goodness it’s beautiful!

We did stop at an alpaca wool shop earlier and it is FREEZING here! I was wearing 4 layers, including a coat, and bought an extra pair of gloves, scarf and some yarn for my sister-in-law.

Tomorrow- Machu Picchu!!!! I’m so excited! This is what we have been waiting for!!!

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